{"title":"COOKING CLASS","description":"

If you want to learn and would like to satisfy your hunger for knowledge about cooking, we organize special wine and food lessons for you, suited to your capacities and tastes. The courses can take place at your home kitchen or else in one of the locations chosen by us at historic homes and palazzi in Florence. The lessons will be held by professionals who are experts in various fields of catering:
\r\nCooking lessons (about 3 hours),
\r\nWine knowledge lessons (about 1 hour),
\r\nLessons on pairing wine and food (about 2 hours)
\r\nEach lesson can be a self-standing experience, or else part of a cycle as agreed upon with our staff.\r\nThe cost for each lesson includes: complete shopping for all the ingredients, as well as the presence of a professional expert in the field: chef, oenologist, pastry maker.\r\n<\/p>"}